Heated Remarks
Acidic Quotations : Acerbic Commentary

Who is pouring out the vinegar and dumping sour grapes on international negotiations, national measures, business practice, legal manoeuvres and the most recent research and science. Who’s at boiling point ? Who’s crying over spilt milk ?

24th April 2008
Take It From Me
You should listen to the experts. If all decisions made by our governments were made on the sole basis of public debate, this country would collapse. Honest. I don't claim to be an expert on Climate Change. I'm not a Climate Scientist. Although I cannot spell out the whole story, I do want you to take it from me : Climate Change is real, it's happening now, and mankind's activities are the largest factor in causing it...

17th April 2008
Catatonis Petrificatum : Paralysing Fear
Sir Nicholas Stern's opinions as reported today in the British and Australian Press : The Financial Times, The Independent and others could genuinely shock you rigid if you understood their implications. Is it right for the Media to print this kind of disastrous truth ? Is it right to alarm people with news of catastrophe ? Should we be alarmed by the Press ? Since by all reasonable accounts we're staring into the jaws of a massive crisis monster, yes, I think we should be allowed to read the facts and feel the fear. Self-preservation is only possible when you have awareness of your environment. Look at the Environment now, and think through the implied risks...

1st February 2008
CCS : Dropping The Fig Leaf
In the beginning was a grand engineering dream. We could carry on burning coal if we could safely and cheaply pump the waste gas into a deep dark hole in the ground, never to return. Big Energy companies paid lots of researchers to tell them it could be done, and done cost-effectively. Governments overcame their suspicions of manipulation. Engineers overcame their incredulity at such a stupid idea...

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