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Whipping up a perfect storm in the kitchen, the chef du jour dips into brewing carbon policy and peers into bubbling green trends on the back burner, dabbling in recipes for disaster and adding some spice to new concoctions.

Are we catering for a hot roast ? And is public opinion scrambled ? Are we getting the taste for strong measures ? Can we put an airtight lid on Climate Change ? Cheffie blends all the ingredients, and stirs up the cooky mix.

23rd April 2008
Putting It In Context
Intelligent young people fail to acknowledge risks because of relativism while a Government Minister gets called a "murderer" to his face...I noticed that as the young, professional, well-paid, well-trained people got off the train, they left their food and drink rubbish on the table instead of putting it in the waste bins. That, my friends, is the context in which we are all living. A world of waste and relative values...

10th April 2008
Finding A Balance
Today is the second time I have started to read James Hansen's report "Target Atmospheric CO2 : Where Should Humanity Aim ?" From the Abstract alone, I can tell that this is report is going to be very hard for some people to comprehend...

8th April 2008
Let Them Eat Carbon
Let them eat Carbon. After all, that's all they'll be able to afford after Carbon Pricing takes hold, whether from Carbon Trading or straight Carbon Taxation...

7th April 2008
Let the Poor Pay for Climate Change
In a most extraordinary turn of events, John Hutton, the UK's Minister of State for Business, has insisted that there should be no turning back from a change in the tax regulations, to wipe out a zero-tax income band at the bottom of the range, likely to impact negatively on the earnings of the poorest of Society. It is a most callous regulatory change, given that John Hutton sits on top of a stack of briefs that he knows will deliver outcomes that make the poor pay for Climate Change...

26th March 2008
Energy Banquet : Glittering Prize
While Britain's Business Secretary, John Hutton, declares a Nuclear Power new-build bonanza, and "Nuclear Nicolas" Sarkozy of France gets a fat pact handshake from Gordon Brown at a glittering banquet, the reality for Energy in Britain is that new Nuclear will mean a skills shortage for Renewable Energy technologies, and massive delays in delivering new electricity supplies to top up the National Grid...

15th January 2008
CCS Is Not An Energy Policy
Carbon Capture and Storage can never be a Big Hitter in the efforts to mitigate Climate Change. It's always going to remain costly relative to other technologies and geoengineering projects and it poses a significant risk of failure. It may end up as a niche pursuit. It might not be possible to scale it up. It looks like it could be yet another Big White Elephant - a lemon - a money pit...

8th January 2008
Greening Houses : Slashing Domestic Emissions in a Decade of Recession
Despite the national obsession with the Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Electricity Generation, it only constitutes a fifth of the problem. How do you solve a problem like Heat ? Direct household Greenhouse Gas Emissions from space and water heating and cooling are roughly a third of the UK total, roughly neck and neck with Transport emissions...

6th January 2008
Dead End UK : Killing Time instead of Cracking Carbon
Illuminating conversation at a New Year's party this week : I found out that the British Government is killing time over Climate Change, by chasing dead-end technologies. Instead of concentrating on delivering significant Carbon cuts, the United Kingdom is following up low-value, low-performance options because they can be made attractive to private investment...

12th December 2007
Who's Dangerous ?
This week, angry protesters have threatened to close down the whole UK economy by blockading energy supplies. And where's the official response ? Where are the vanloads of police with dogs and legal warrants to stop these people ? These anarchists did this in 2000, and nobody stopped them then, either. Aren't these people dangerous ?...

11th November 2007
Lending Interest
Having had the benefit of an Evangelical Christian upbringing, I have always been aware that the Jewish Scriptures contain an injunction against lending money for profit...

9th November 2007
Carbon Intervention
The UK Government's draft Climate Change Bill proposes a 60% cut in national net Carbon Dioxide emissions by the year 2050. The big question is : how are we going to do that... ?

30th September 2007
Whose Economy ?
By talking about energy efficiency and new technology, the President of the United States is denying the science - that we must not merely have better machines : actually we must run less of them...

26th September 2007
Blindingly Obvious
The Labour Party Conference in Bournemouth has assured us that the top dogs are on the case and fixing Climate Change : but their knowledge of the science is poor and they are still treating this like a policy issue instead of a crisis...

23rd September 2007
Writing on the Wall
The signs and wonders that the Biosphere is presenting to us this year are larger than life clues. They are not merely vague hints, fuzzy logic or non-specific diffuse threats. They are proverbial "writing on the wall"...

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