On A Knife Edge
Interviews & Out-Takes : What The Experts Are Saying

Edible pieces from science chefs unpacking the currant issues and political raisins in the Climate Change casserole. Bitesize chunks of debate on subjects such as : How can we cut the carbon pie ? What powers control power ? Why is global food production failing ? Gaz-guzzlers : people eat petrol ?

15th April 2008
Global Warming Carries On
Today, Oisin from Climate Change News Digest pointed me in the direction of the NASA data for all the years 1880 to the present... So, Global Warming did not stop in 1998, then. So, why is Gordon Brown following the money crisis, when the Climate Change is so critical ? Why does he think that any intervention can keep the Economy growing, given the global problems with food, Climate and Energy ? And why does he think that OPEC can increase oil production, when they have most likely hit peak production ? ...

8th April 2008
The Great American Pipedream
How Carbon Pricing Will Deepen Social Inequality And Harm National Security : The Great American Dream - a well-paid job and a house in the suburbs and a nice, big throaty automobile - is rapidly becoming unattainable by even professional middle class (medium salaried) people. It's all going up in smoke - puffed away by some rich men's pipes. Big Energy wants to retain control of profitmaking enterprises - and for that they're prepared to sacrifice the American Dream by insisting on setting a Price for Carbon - a strategy that will not only burn the Economy - but also threaten Social breakdown...

7th March 2008
Carbon Underground : Stealth Tax
The British Government are finding it hard to come out and say it. But they can't go on holding their tongues forever. We need effective Carbon Control legislation : rules and regulations are the only way to seriously bite into Climate Change. It's no good relying on hide-and-seek rearguard coverage protection, boys (and the overwhelming majority of you are boys), you have to start pushing forward and lead from the front...

7th January 2008
Nuclear Bung : Nuclear Bungle
The tiny little story is finally out and proud : the little town of Drigg in Cumbria will accept all forms of nasty Nuclear Waste in return for a bung of humungous proportions - a regular tidbit of public funding. So, when will that allowance be terminated ? At the average half-life of the radionucleides ? Like, ten thousand years or something ?...

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