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The College of Global Environmental Change

The Global Change College was launched on 1st July 2007 by jo, a Climate Change and Energy researcher and commentator, and occasional steward for the Campaign against Climate Change.

Just the facts, Ma'am

The Change College wants to get people talking by presenting some of the emerging science of Global Change.

We want to encourage people to check the facts behind the news, and provide readers with opinions and links to science resources.

Talk about it

We suggest ways that people can discuss the problems of Global Change, and what it could all mean for their local communities.

We also want people to think about the big picture, and what change means for their national government, the international community and business.

What's going on ?

Many natural and human systems are going through change around the world, and these include Climate Change, air pollution and damage to oceans and forests.

The economic system puts Nature to work, and creates damages in the process.

The struggle is to learn how we can operate human systems of commerce and production and trade without damaging our planet home.

Learn & Grow

We hope that people will want to learn for themselves about how to slow down Global Change.

This knowledge can help to shape public opinion, and can influence those who make decisions for our communities and our country.

The Change College is a non-profitmaking organisation.

The College of Global Change was formed to provide a platform for thinkers and writers on Energy, Environmental and Economic Change. The Change College aims to encourage information and opinion exchange in the science, policy and education communities, and to offer commentary to the media about Global Change news. The College hopes to promote sound systems thinking for policymakers at all levels of government, and practical action for social structures and corporate organisations. The Change College is a private, non-partisan, non-profit network and is free to join. The online resources are offered at no charge to readers, and contributors are not paid. Contact us by e-mail at change dot college at google mail dot com.